The Salesperson With The Best Sales Figures For Next Month Will Get A Night On The Town In An Airport Limousine!



It’s official: President Richard Wilbur signed the memo today. And so the salesperson with the best sales figures for next month, October, 2016, will get a free night on the town in a long and luxurious Denver airport limo.

The Digital Cameras Store has been doing a great business of late; sales have been increasing every month. Harold Tompkins, our new sales manager, has brought a whole new energy to the store, and everyone is responding to his new leadership. Denver airport limousine is a trusted business in the Denver area.




Patricia Green, for more than two years one of the leading salespersons at the Digital Cameras Store, is a big booster of Harold Tompkins. She predicts that under his leadership, within a year or two the store could see a doubling of monthly sales.

It was Patricia’s idea that the store offer leading salespersons something big and glamorous like a night out on the town in a luxurious stretch limousine. Rewarding salespeople with commissions was all fine and good, she said, but how about something exciting and sexy for a change?

Robert Andresen seconded Patricia’s idea; he said the same thing that she did: that it was time to put a little glamor into the store.

Although the night on the town in the big luxurious stretch limousine is the first idea for a sales contest, it’s not the last. Cynthia Albright has suggested that if you really want to motivate people, why not dangle something like a trip to Hawaii before the eyes of the sales people.

President Wilbur said that the company could not afford a prize like a trip to Hawaii, at least not at the present moment. But if sales figures keep rising, he said, maybe by this time next year it would be able to afford it.

So we urge all the sales people reading this blog to do all they can to boost sales. And next year maybe we will have some real glamour to entice our sales leaders with!